North Carolina Utilities Comission
Recent Filings
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Docket No.Company NameFiling DescriptionDate Filed
SP-4532 Sub 0IRON FARM, LLCLetter from NCUC to State Clearinghouse10/20/2014
G-41 Sub 42Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia/City of Toccoa, GeorgiaPublic Staff Joint Testimony of I. Morgan, J. Perry & R. Ross10/20/2014
SP-4463 Sub 0STALEY SOLAR, LLCNotice from State Clearinghouse RE: Review To Be Completed on 11/13/1410/20/2014
E-100 Sub 130GENERIC ELECTRICCertified Card Returned for Orders Issued- Jay Linke (Sean Adams)10/20/2014
SP-4537 Sub 0CLARENCE; GREENReport of Proposed Construction at 11623 Downy Birch Rd., Charlotte, NC 28227 1.0 KW10/20/2014
SP-4556 Sub 0BARTEE; BAILEYReport of Proposed Construction at 4321 Bridgewood Ln., charlotte, NC 28226 (Mecklenburg Co.) 5.52 KW 10/20/2014
SP-4396 Sub 0LEGGETT SOLAR, LLCNotice from Clearinghouse RE: Review to be Completed on 11/13/1410/20/2014
SP-3585 Sub 0PIROLLI; CHARLESApplicant's Amendment10/20/2014
E-2 Sub 1059DUKE ENERGY PROGRESS, INC.; DUKE ENERGY PROGRESS, DBADEP's Proposed Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Program 10/20/2014
SP-4531 Sub 0TUBBS FARM, LLCLetter from NCUC to State Clearinghouse10/20/2014