North Carolina Utilities Commission
Recent Filings
Recent Filings
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Docket No.Company NameFiling DescriptionDate Filed
P-1518 Sub 2CAPITAL COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANTS, INC.Public Staff's Response to Request7/24/2014
W-218 Sub 363AQUA North Carolina, Inc.Aqua's CONFIDENTIAL Compliance Filing Regarding Revisions to 401K Plan7/24/2014
SP-3976 Sub 0Knapp; MartyReport of Proposed Construction for a 8.75KW (DC STC), 7.525KW (AC) Photovoltaic Array located at 1307 Ridge Rd., Raleigh, NC 27607/Wake County7/24/2014
W-218 Sub 363AQUA North Carolina, Inc.Aqua's Compliance filing Regarding Revisions to 401K Plan (PUBLIC VERSION)7/24/2014
T-4542 Sub 0YOU MOVE ME; McDOWELL & YEE, LLC, DBAConfidential Documents for YOU MOVE ME; McDOWELL & YEE, LLC, DBA (not scanned)7/23/2014
WR-924 Sub 13MOSS ENTERPRISES, INC.Petition for Pass Thru for WaterSewer & Admin Fees for Crownpointe MHP in Buncombe Co7/23/2014
P-100 Sub 99ARELIANCE GLOBALCOM SERVICES, INC. and GENERIC TELEPHONEWindstream NuVox Cover Letter Transmitting CONFIDENTIAL Service Quality Report 2nd Quarter 20147/23/2014
M-1 Sub 5GENERIC MISCELLANEOUSJuly 28, 2014 Weekly Agenda Summary7/23/2014
SP-3893 Sub 0STANLEY; WILL R. AND LAUREN J. HARTReport of Proposed Construction for a 2.0 kW solar system at 201 Alabama Ave Carrboro, NC 275107/23/2014
WR-327 Sub 9WMCI RALEIGH I, LLCPetition for Pass-Through of WaterSewer Rates for Bexley at Preston Apartments in Wake County7/23/2014